Really… Another Food Blog?

Yes, here is another food blog to add to the millions that are already out there.

So why create another one? What makes this one unique? Why should you be reading this?!

Well, we’re glad you ask, but only because we asked the same of ourselves!

  • The Formal Introduction: He’s from England… She’s from the USA.
    • We are a married couple living in the beautiful, sunny, high-risk-earthquake-zone of SoCal…we’re risky you see, and we happen to be Attorneys (well, Simon is. I am still awaiting CA bar exam results…hence, the extra time on my hands leading to the re-creation of this blog two years after talking about it, because seriously, who wants to look for and have a real job anyway?!)
      • UPDATE: I passed the CA Bar exam and was sworn in to practice on December 1, 2015…and now have a full time job, and have responsibilities, and legal malpractice insurance, because why not !?!  Being a big kid sucks…. but only if you act like one!  Which I clearly don’t! 😉
  • The True Introduction: They say there are two kinds of people in this world: (1) those that Eat to Live, and (2) those that Live to Eat.  Simon and I fall into the second category…. We Live To Eat. It is more than a passion…more than an obsession…Its Our Raison D’être. We love food….possibly more than we love each other!

Seriously… Our lives revolve around food. From the moment we wake up, to the moment we fall asleep (and even thereafter)… Food is all we ever think about, talk about, and dream about (which is quite sad for a young, fairly “newly-married-couple”). We love to cook for ourselves and others, and over the last few years, anyone that has tasted our food has said our food is pretty awesome. As in, “forget being attorneys…you guys should open a restaurant!” We’re not sure whether to take that as a blow to our professional legal skills (or lack thereof), or to take it is a compliment to our culinary skills.  Until we get run over by a reality check, we’ll just continue to believe its a compliment to our culinary skills.

Anyway, back to the purpose of this blog. After all the compliments we receive, requests for cooking lessons, recipes (or just cooked dishes), and after all the complaining we do about food, and dishes we send back at restaurants, and restaurants that kick us out and refuse to serve our snobby (er, refined) taste-buds…FoodiesAtLaw has come to life!

We hope to use this prime-online-real-estate as a platform to welcome you into our kitchen and share our food, culinary experiments (successes and failures), recipes, travel experiences (which obviously revolve around our measly goal of 10 meals a day), criticisms and reviews of others’ “food” (which is #2 on our favorite hobby list, #1 being eating, obviously), and just other random stuff that may take our fancy!

That being said… We hope you enjoy drinking in our stories, munching through our recipes, and, as judge and jury, providing your own Verdicts!

Please keep your hands, feet, dribbles and drools contained, and please buckle up as you join us on our  journey…

Welcome to our Culinary Courtroom. 

Mr. Right & Mrs. Always Right